Zürich : 15.09.2010 : some fotos

talk Foto: Jason Lim und Monica Klingler Advertisements

Luzern : 13.09.2010 : some fotos

Boedi S. Otong Boris Nieslony Barbara Sturm Gisela Hochuli Judith Röthlisberger Leo Devlin groupe groupe Fotos: Corina und Patrick Bühler

Schwarzwaldalp : 12.09.2010 : a special foto

Gisela Hochuli                                                                                                                                                                                Foto: Boris Nieslony

Thoughts on Branches, Sticks and Hands

I saw it behind the videocamera. The meeting of branches, sticks and hands. Branches grow on trees. Sticks are broken or cut up branches, taken into hands. And hands are our branches, our way to reach out into the world. Monica’s hands just tremble. Once in a while. They stand in the air, taking silently … Weiterlesen

Schwendi Wednesday, September 8th 2010

Brain went for a little walk. Hello Basilikum. Where are you? There is milk in there. Do you want milk? A girl was full of clouds, went on a walk over the water. Step by Step. Fly me to the moon, he sings. Sandra was pushing the frame of the door. I stepped on Judith’s … Weiterlesen

Landvermessen in progress photos

Boedi S. Otong and Gisela Hochuli: The moment when the snowball is falling into the fog, it is disappearing in the white fog. It arises as moment of silence. Horizontweg The mountain panorama path took us 6h from Hasliberg Hohenfluh to Engstlenalp, the whole walk we made in silence. Each one walked in his one … Weiterlesen


in Meiringen 10 Künstlerinnen und Künstler treffen sich für 7 Tage in Meiringen, um gemeinsame Wanderungen zu unternehmen, um sich in Performance Art zu vertiefen, Performances zu entwickeln und zu zeigen. Danach werden Erforschungen und Standpunkte in den städtischen Raum getragen. Es werden Performances in Luzern, Zürich und Basel im öffentlichen Raum stattfinden. Falls Du … Weiterlesen

participating perfomance artists

Biographies Leo Devlin Leo Devlin was born in Omagh, Northern Ireland in 1983. Graduating in 2006 with distinction, B.A (hons) in fine art from University of Ulster, Belfast. His contribution and dedication to arts in N. Ireland to date has been proactive in professional roles including co-directing Catalyst Arts Gallery an Alternative arts space, Belfast. … Weiterlesen

Press Release : Performance-Episode 3.-18. September 2010

p   a   r   t   i   c   i   p   a   t   i   n   g          a   r   t   i   s   t   s Leo Devlin, Belfast, Northern Ireland Saskia Edens, Basel Gisela Hochuli, Bern Sandra Johnston, Northern Ireland Monica Klingler, Zürich Boris Nieslony, Köln Boedi S. Otong, Bern Judith Röthlisberger, Luzern Andrea Saemann, Basel … Weiterlesen

Pressetext : Performance-Episode 3.-18. September 2010

P   e   r   f   o   r   m   e   r   I   n   n   e   n Leo Devlin, Belfast, Nordirland Saskia Edens, Basel Gisela Hochuli, Bern Sandra Johnston, Nordirland Monica Klingler, Zürich Boris Nieslony, Köln Boedi S. Otong, Bern Judith Röthlisberger, Luzern Andrea Saemann, Basel Barbara Sturm, Basel Meiringen Luzern Zürich Basel Das Projekt „Landvermessen“ wird eine … Weiterlesen